COMPUTEX Unwrapped: A Quick Peek into the Futuristic Tech Showcase of 2023

COMPUTEX this year is on fire with the hottest topic in town—AI! And when it comes to advanced AI servers, they’ve got it all covered, from complete server solutions to cooling systems, like liquid cooling! We couldn’t help but be captivated by GIGABYTE, known for their top-notch graphic card and motherboard designs, as they showcased their impressive lineup of AI supercomputers and servers. It’s also fascinating to see GIGABYTE are embracing liquid cooling in their server designs, demonstrating their commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology. It’s a clear sign that AI technology is bound to skyrocket in the future!

But hey, let’s not forget about gaming, because Taiwan’s tech giants Asus and ACER have their eyes set on that too. ACER’s gaming brand, PREDATOR, and Asus’s epic “Republic of Gamers” are bringing a truckload of new gaming gadgets to the table. Get ready for some serious gaming goodness!

NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang delivered the keynote address in person at COMPUTEX 2023 on May 29th.

Now, here’s a special shoutout from the Tech Cruisers about this year’s COMPUTEX: “NVIDIA, nowhere and everywhere!” They may not have a booth, but guess what? You can find NVIDIA almost everywhere you look! NVIDIA’s founder and CEO, Jensen Huang, graced COMPUTEX with an epic opening keynote, and their presence can be felt all around the exhibition area. It’s safe to say that NVIDIA is the ultimate hype right now!

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